What does it mean to be a  Modern Day Soulja?


Matthew David Schuler, also known by the Hip‐Hop moniker Modern Day Soulja (MDS), was born in West Covina, California, but raised one town over in the City of La Puente.

In 1998, at the age of 13, MDS discovered an early love for poetry and a creative skill in writing. His talent and passion for music took him into creating lyrical compositions early in high school. To then practicing the art of the free style, while investing in his own home recording studio to embark into his love and dream of making music to touch the masses worldwide.

Soon after graduating High School, on March 25th, 2006, Matthew’s only brother was a victim to gang violence and murdered in the same city they grew up in their entire lives. The loss nearly tore his family apart and the perception of the once happy‐go‐ lucky poet took a dramatic turn.

Though weighted to give in, Modern Day Soulja suppressed the pain and turned his love for music into his form of expression and meditative healing. Since the ordeal, MDS made a promise to always continue his brother’s legacy everywhere he went and used his music as a tribute to his beloved fallen brother and lost loved ones.

“Music is forever,” said MDS in an interview. “I carry the name of all those that I have lost with me in my music. Therefore their memory and soul’s presence eternally lives on and is felt on a daily basis through the power of music”.

“The Next Level,” MDS’s first mix tape in 2011, delivered a set of raw passion and immaculate rhythm behind a microphone. Topics such as: Traces of My Life, Breakthrough, The Good Die Young, Just Be, Pray Everyday, Music & Life, and other commemorative concepts brought back a much needed feel good essence to hip‐hop.

Soon following, on the 6th year anniversary of his brother’s death, MDS released his second mix tape, a tribute to one of the greatest rap artist who ever lived and his personal favorite; Tupac Shakur.

Promotion and distribution of the two projects expanded throughout the United States and Canada after the inspiring poet ventured on the “Christ Consciousness 2012 US Tour” this past summer. The tour, featuring Modern Day Soulja and Andre Auram, consisted of performances, documentary videography, promotion, networking, video shoots, selling merchandise, and much more throughout more than 15 states & 20 Cities (Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, DC, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, South Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Detroit, Windsor Canada and more...) in the US. The entire tour was inspired around the faith in the most high and a booked performance at “The Emancipation Festival” in Windsor Canada.

From just another individual with a common dream, to a motivated hip‐hop artist with the sole purpose of spreading life‐changing sound waves to the world; this is Modern Day Soulja! This is Music!

​Some men are born soldiers; others go to war for that right.

True Soldiers fight to uplift and liberate the oppressed. Soldiers wear their medals of honor with pride to resemble their valiant war stories and the strife one must endure. Portraits of soldiers are not just reserved for museums, history books, or news mediums such as CNN—and they aren’t restricted to the arena of traditional military service.

Modern Day Soulja takes on his battles fearlessly in life’s trenches and would have it no other way. He has a sworn duty and kept promise to free and protect those suffering from mental and spiritual bondage using his vast and creative arsenal of song writing, emceeing, producing, and engineering. His faith in the Most High is the body armor he wears when stepping into the gladiator arena known as the music industry.

As a boy, MDS fell in love with poetry and developed a passion for music at an early age; and despite the harsh conditions of La Puente, California, he never failed to appreciate the beauty and meaning of life. These factors have forged the dynamic and soulful hip‐hop presence you see before you today. Modern Day Soulja is also an integral part of the up‐and‐coming God‐hop trio, Three Kings, along with Andre Auram and E‐Truth.

Make no mistake: MDS is not just another “rapper.” He is an artistic poet, a spiritual warrior, and a lyrical leader, whose music, strength, and heart of gold has the Midas touch upon all those it touches.

Now on a journey to create change through the power of music, Modern Day Soulja seeks to transform lives on a global scale, become a voice for the hopeless, and resurrect a vibrant energy much needed through the airwaves.

“No One Will Believe In You.... Until You Start Believing in Yourself First.” –Modern Day Soulja